Top 5 Reasons Why Your Next Event Should Have a Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Planning an event, whether a birthday, wedding anniversary, reunion, or business engagement, can sometimes be challenging as you need to prepare something that your guests will enjoy and treasure, such as a fun and exciting activity or a heartwarming token. Because some events only happen once or very rarely, taking photos became a trend. Pictures, […]

20+ Modern Wedding Invitation ideas of 2018

wedding invitation ideas

While preparing for wedding one of the most difficult task is to invite your friends and family with a good invitation card, to make your life easy and help you choose from our hand pick collection of best wedding card ideas for the upcoming wedding season. Also, all wedding and event parties begin with tablecloths, table […]

5 Ways Photographers Can Use Social Media to Grow Their Business


Whether you are a fashion photographer, wedding photographer or performance photographer if you aren’t growing your presence online then you are leaving money on the table. Social media is one of the best ways to increase your online exposure and this article looks at 5 top tips for expanding your photography business online.

Top 6 Ways to Make Money from Photography in 2018

Make Money from Photography

Photographers don’t have it easy. When they first start taking photos, they don’t probably don’t do it for the money; they likely do it for the pure joy of taking photos. After that, however, they start wanting more and more from their photos. They want better quality and a sense that their photos are actually […]

Pregnancy – the field for creating masterpiece photos

Closeup shot of bare belly of pregnant woman. She's holding a flower by it.

Pregnancy is such an amazing time in every woman’s life. Expecting mother has so much to look forward to as she is moments away to giving birth. She wants to capture this special moment, her exciting journey. That’s why pregnancy photography has reached new peaks of popularity. It captures not only a woman’s beautiful round […]

Secrets of Making Your Best Photo Essay in College

photo essay

A photo essay is a story or an argument that is made through images as a substitute for texts. Photo essays are used as an accessible medium of exchange for bloggers, advertisers, and journalists. In most cases where an individual is trying to show emotional effects on the currents stories and news, images can incarcerate […]

8 Ways That Can Make Your Homework Easier


Going through college is hectic, and class assignments, homework, term papers, dissertations, class projects, and coursework tasks make life in college more unbearable. Since you are assured of getting homework every now and then, you need to look for ways of handling this problem. There is no way you are avoiding homework and still go […]